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Hi All,

I am a Graphic Designer by Profession. Living and working in Dubai. Is it possible getting job while you are not in south Africa? I heard it takes long for work permit? if so then employer maybe can hire someone else...

DO anyone suggest any Recruitment/HR consultancy companies who help foreigners getting job in south Africa so as work permit? DO I need to get my degree attested from SAQA in order to apply for a work visa??

Please suggest me some so that I can apply.....

Looking forward

Hi there, I was recruited thru LinkedIn a few years ago, my employer paid for everything, that is work permit, tickets and rellocation. They did went thru a local search before going overseas, with the BBEEE and the new inmigration regulation it is complicated for companies to hire expats. But if you have a set of skills that they cannot find in SA is fairly easy.
My work permit took only 2 months and it was granted for 5 years.

All qualifications needs to be certified by a local body, SAQA, ECSA, etc etc, You need to have original and certified copies of everything and if they are not in English, they need to be translated by a official translator.

Try to check first the companies you would like to work for if they have openings.

It is not easy but is possible if you have unique talents that can help SA.

Good luck!

Thanks Silvna!!!

Hi Silvana.
thanks for your information work in South Africa.
I am interested in getting a job in the area of (Health Care Assistant) with specialization in adults and children with disabilities, vulnerable and special needs.
I got my diploma with seal Hague, to be valid in any office of South Africa.
I can travel now. if you can you help me get a shared flat in Johannesburg.if you can help me .
I hope to answer

Nicolas , from Spain

Sorry Nicolas,

I can't help you with that. I suggest you check online they have offerings there or the rental web sites.
that's as much as I can do.

Good luck

Hi nicola.
If you want to work for healthcare.  Then you should apply for south asia. They have good scope for that. They have gud proffesionals from all over. If u need help. I can.

thank you, and you can send web addresses.
Hospital, residence for adults and children with disabilities and vulnerability, state agencies.
I await your responses.

Mrs / Miss.
I live in Spain.
looking for a job in cape town, pretoria, or other country south or east of SA requiring health professionals.
If you can help me contact with any hospital, residence for adults, schools of children with special needs for social integration.
to travel to SA First I have to have a secure job and acommodation for a month, then I look for an apartment near work.
Tany if you can help to send the pages of hospital, residence, and schools with attention to children.I hope to answer.


Hi,google South Africa's Critical Skill list first and if your qualification is included,which Im sure it is,then you can apply for a Critical Skill work visa at your nearest South African Embassy.

Good Luck!


I am a medical doctor . I want to move to south Africa.  Any information regarding how to join any health care centre is hearthly expected here .

If I was in your position I would start from the medical schools/ universities. Contact them first. Its laways a good place to start ---- they would take you on at the university teaching hospitals.

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Don't expect much help from South African recruiters...they don't follow up, request inappropriate personal information and are generally not pleasant to deal with. There are exceptions, of course.