Italian journalist and art director looking for a job in SA

Hello to all. I'm an Italian 41 years old and I want to relocate to live in South Africa. It's logical that to do this I need to find a job. In Italy is my I work as journalist and art director. After graduating in Political Science, I started as a journalist and since then I never stopped. Over the years I joined the work of a journalist as a director of communication for a large international company taking care of all the advertising material, the web section and the whole corporate image. Now I'm the director of three magazines. Over the past five years have always come on holiday in SA and I have always had a great time. For these and many other reasons I'm looking for a help to move there. I'm just looking for a job in Cape Town or elsewhere in the region of the Western Cape. I'm sending mail and cv to ads that I find on websites like “job seeking” but honestly I can not find anything in my professional field or "marketing/copywriting/art direction/communication." Is there anyone who can help me?

Hello pierru71.

Welcome to! :)

I suggest you to post an advert in the Jobs in Cape Town section. It can be useful.

Good luck in your research,

Hi pierru71

Well, I agree, having worked in recruitment, it may be hard to find jobs in that area of expertise. I guess you'd need to research and contact companies yourself directly - I think that would work the best.

The second bit of advice is more important - you should actually come to South Africa and look for a job while you are here.

Good luck!