Work permit - How long does it take?

Hi Everyone!
I'm a newbie here from Canada looking to move to CT. I have a job lined up (I'm very lucky, I know) and they are going to assist me with the visa but I'm wondering how long I should expect it to take?
The SA embassy site says 4 weeks but I've heard it usually takes about 10-12 weeks if you go through a lawyer.
Your experiences with this would really help. I'm hoping to get it all sorted by the end of March. Is that a reasonable time frame?
Thanks in Advance :)

Welcome to the forum Yaelie :)

I hope members from Cape Town will share their experiences and advise you accordingly by contributing to your discussion!

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Well, if they don't lose the paperwork it can be done in one week from when you put in the documents at your consular - that's the time I had to wait in Belgium to get it done. Preparation takes a bit longer, I had to use a sworn translator to get everything translated in english (may not be a problem for you). Then there's the medical statements and so forth which you'll need to get at your hospital or doctor.

I waited for a year on the outcome of my first application though, to hear that they have no idea what's going on and I'll have to do it all over again. I guess you need a bit of luck but it can be done quite fast.

I did not use a lawyer but it helps a lot if you have a company backing you up and if they call the consular a few times to see whats happening with your file.