Moving to south africa

i m nurse ,working in morocco, 23 years experience ,i want to live in cape town, i m asking how to be registered in nursing couinsil in SA, if i need equivalence for my diploma or no, i have 3 diplomas,
do you think ,nurse have good salary there,
thanks for your help

Maybe these will help you ? :)


Yes the salary is good specially in the private sector.

I have an amazing international student/young professional HOUSE SHARE or HOME STAY accommodation in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
Please email me anytime and I will reply to you immediately.

Does anyone know about Durban, South Africa?  Please let me know what areas are safe in the city.  I like the waterfront apts. Is it a good idea?

Portia  I dont know Durban at all  Sorry!!
Im in Cape Town.

Hi Portia,

Perhaps I could help with regards Durban. I am a British Expat currently living in Umhlanga Rocks. I have to say since being here I have as yet to witness any violence or related issues. Durban itself is nice with lots of beachfront apartments available at a reasonable cost. The closer you get to Umhlanga the cost of accommodation rises. For example I am staying in a two bed apartment on Umhlanga Ridge which costs R10.000 per month

Thank you for your reply, I have considered that area. I am retiring this year and I would like to travel south africa and explore. I have another question if you don't mind. I would like to know anything about health care for the elderly or anyone. I do appreciate your reply.