I am a qualified Welder looking for a job in Cape Town

I am a qualified welder looking for a job in Cape Town. I did a Welding Fabrication & Engineering

Hello dudo and welcome to the forum!

Could you please post an advert in Cape Town classifieds > jobs section?;)


Hi and welcome! I live in Durban and I know of lots of companies that employ woman welders especially because they are very reliable and their work can not be faulted! Mondi paper and Engin refinery for example you need to send your CV to the human resources department the website is available! Good luck!!!

Regards Pat

You are the first female welder Ive ever heard of.Btw, my father was a welder.
Good luck!!!!

Good luck, Im relocating to Cape town, hopefully meet you, we wil need welders out there in the job I will be heading.