Dentist from India

hi iam dentist from India looking for a job in good hospitals can u help me out.

Hello sreddy761 :)

I have introduced your message in a new thread (in Cape Town forum) for more visibility! I hope that you will get some responses soon in regards to your above query!

Can you please tell us how can we help? You need some lists of hospital in Cape Town where you can eventually send your resume?

Best of luck for your career.


i want to come capetown on visiting visa and search a job in good hospitals and then apply for residency.
i need place to live with some roommates at affordable prices till i find a job and settle.
thank u.

Hello sreddy761,

You could consider a room share in Cape-Town and your best bet could be to post a free advert on Cape Town classifieds page, Category>Accommodation>Room share. You can specify the room type you are searching for and your budget range.

Hope this helps.

can i turn visiting visa to residency in 6 months.
and how is dental treatment cost there is it high or managable.

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Hi there! I am residing near Durban but from India. I am dentist graduated in India. It is very hard to get board exam dates with HPSCA. Have any dentist from abroad have written or passed this board exams. It is heartbreaking that I have been unemployed for more than 4 years now.please share your thoughts and suggestions.

Hi Sathya Bama,

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