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Updated 2014-07-02 13:52

Wondering how to find a job in Cape Town? This should not be difficult. Find out how, step by step, in this article.

Cape Town is familiar to everyone, even those who have never been to South Africa. Once the capital of the Colonial Dutch settlers, Cape Town has flourished ever since, and is one of the 'must see' places in South Africa. It is the second economic centre after Johannesburg, and it is also the third largest economic hub in Africa. There is plenty of work and opportunities here for both South Africans and expats seeking employment in South Africa. Cape Town is, in fact, the primary destination for tourists and expats from all over the world, and also for those seeking work while attending sports events such as Western Province games, and also for followers of South African's premier football league.

Labor market

As Cape Town is a common destination for expats and migrant workers, there is some competition for unskilled and no-experience work. Therefore, one of the best ways to find work in these types of jobs will involve agencies. They can be either in South Africa, or in the country of origin of the visitor. Agents will be able to find in-demand work, and can help those who want to use their jobs to fund tourism, as well as those looking to stay in South Africa for extended periods of time.

Cape Town is the main hub of the Western province, and also is a large manufacturing centre. However, a considerable amount of the work is performed by small businesses, up to 75% of all enterprises being these type of producers rather than large multinational companies. Those seeking employment in these small businesses therefore need to keep an eye on job advertisements and even local knowledge in order to get the best positions available in the town.

Government initiatives

There is a big emphasis on government in Cape Town, and the large presence in the city, including the National Parliament, means that there are job industries in politics and related industries in order to serve these governmental bodies. In addition to this, Cape Town is also a favoured location for international businesses meeting and trading with their own industry. There have been a number of conferences held in the city, which also means that there are opportunities here. Workers looking for employment in these fields would need to focus upon government websites, as these regularly hold job and career notices. Experience in these fields is usually expected, although there can also be unskilled work available.

Other opportunities

The airports and trade routes provide another good source of income for those hoping to work in South Africa. The commercial districts mean that there are opportunities for skilled workers in design houses, publishers and even ad agencies. There are also plenty of jobs for insurance agents, those working in the petrochemical industry, and financial services providers. Applying for any of these jobs usually requires some experience in the field, and trade magazines or internal adverts from international companies are likely to be the best way to find jobs in these industries.

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