Working permit for a South African resident

Hello everybody.
My name is Mykola. Nice to meet you all))
I've been residing in Cape Town for a couple of months with my spouse, who is a South African citizen. Ukrainian myself. And now facing a common problem of getting a work permit. Actually, not even the problem of getting a permit, but a problem of getting any information about the procedure of the working permit issuance in my case. If somebody has any recommendations on this matter I would really appreciate. You can write to my e-mail ***

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I suggest that you start by looking on the Department of Home Affairs website.  There is quite a lot of information there. 

There are also some companies that will help you apply for permits (for a fee), but can assess your chances (for free) of obtaining a permit/which would be the best one for you to apply for.

Thank you very much for the info))) hope you are doing fine there) ). Will try the options.

Hi Mykola,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Please advise what is your current status in the country? Are you on a visitor's visa or already on a spousal visa? If you are on a visitor's visa you will need to return home and apply for a spousal visa with a work endorsement (you will need an offer of employment first). If you are currently on a spousal visa without a work endorsement then we will need to do a change of condition and you will be able to do so in the country. ***.

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Hi there

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