Re: Friends

Hi Everybody,

I am from the UK and I want to meet new friends from different Countries, please reply here, Thank you..

I'm from Yorkshire, an entirely different place from the UK.


i am maria, i coming from mexico. i live in thailand 7 years already, we built a house in bangsaray
have 3 sons 19 20 & 26, in the uni and working in his father's company.
i like to make friends too. and like cooking my mexican food, speak spanish of course, french and little bit thai.
i stay in thailand 6 months and 6 months in my country.

Hi Maria,

That's great.. i love cooking also, i have a son here age 9yrs and i work in the UK and Dubai in Thailand (Chon Buri) 3 - 6 months every year :)

Buenas tardes ! Hi where i mexico do I live? I am an expat living in Cambodia and the Philip
Ines....I have lived twelve years  in the  Dominican Republic , and sending a happy hello ! Regards you know mexico too! must to have good experience about all your trips?
which one you like best?

yesssssss :) I worked in America for 6yrs travelled too 26 States altogether very good experience..

so how long time you stay in thailand?....your son is tai-um?

means your son is half tai, half uk ?

I stay 3-6 months every year :) and yes i have a son called Charlie 9yrs old...


Where do you live? you speak tai ?....

hi Maria maybe you can reach me through email I will also love to talk to you on something that I need some advice since you have been in Thai for long.

Phood Thai mai dai....... :)

Hi Les and anyone else on this thread.
I'm also looking to make new friends. I've just moved to Phuket and will be living here full-time.
Would like to meet up with new people :)

Hi lesrj,
I am in Pattaya now, (I also lived in Dubai for nine years)  and I am looking for a circle of friends, too.:)

ja ja,,,your language is better anyways

Hi Sunshine...

Yeah... i working and living in Al Qouz near the Oasis Ctr.... you know that place?

Hi...what? pinkdogs_meow.. what a strange name..

Why Phuket it's an overpriced holiday destination, you will never see the real Thailand down there...

no...where is this place?...i live in bangsaray

It's the place I secured a job...
I've done lots of travelling around Thailand. You're right it's a holiday destination, pretty much like the rest of Thailand; it depends on where you go and what you do.

hi.. im hanna.. i wanna have some new friends.. how are you? :) .. if you want someone to talk with just send me an e-mail at

lesrj wrote:

Hi Sunshine...

Yeah... i working and living in Al Qouz near the Oasis Ctr.... you know that place?

Yes, I know.
I used to live in Mamzar and Marina.

Hi I am from south africa its hard to meet people. If ypu keen on a beer  or just a look around.  I work 3 days a week off Thursday onwards. I live in sukhumvit where are you based

I guess you mean Sukhumvit Bangkok Sallinton? i am living in Chon Buri, Pattaya..

Yes sorry you in pattaya.

Hello I am Michelle. I was living in Thailand but I have now moved back home in the States. Feel free to email me if you want.

I worked in North America for 6yrs Michelle predominantly in Oregon and travelled 26 States altogether was great fun, do you plan to come back Thailand?  :idontagree:

Yes, you not kidding! It's actually the very centre of the Universe.

I would like to re visit Thailand again in the future. There are a lot of things that I would like to do next time upon my return. Are you in Thailand currently?

hi.. how are you mr. wimbleton?