Looking to meet new families in Loei.

Hi!. My name is Craig. I am living in Loei with my Thai wife and daughter. My daughter is finding it challenging to meet new friends. She is struggling with learning to speak Thai. I am looking to meet families with English speaking children around my daughters age. My daughter is 13. My wife and I also like to meet new people. We can travel to meet. Also, are there any chat lines where my daughter can meet new people her age, We will of course monitor everything for saftey.


Loei has a very friendly expat community (Thai people are very friendly and helpful too). I know a lot of those guys. Ask around in the community. You'll find 'em.

@lifedesign1 Hi we are 2  hours away from you or name Col and liney we north of Udonthani we have no children but thought I reply to your Message



Can we share whatsap numbers ?

    Can we share whatsap numbers ?         -@Mike414

To share any contact details please use the message system for this.

Do not post any contact details here on the open forum for reasons of safety.

@stumpy ok