Looking for Friends in Thailand

I am Aziz from South Africa. I am going to be travelling around Thailand during the month of January 2024. I am looking for female friends that can show me around and travel with me if possible. I am an Asian male too. If there is anyone interested in making new friends please do contact me.

I will be waiting from and intro and we can take it from there.......


This is expats (Foreigners who LIVE in Thailand) forum, not 'backpackers who looking for friends to travel with' forum...

Maybe try Facebook for that?

As a fellow British Asian, I doubt any female expats in thailand will wanna travel with an Asian dude, especially as you have no pictures. You'll have better luck meeting thai women here who will also tour you about.

I've currently got one now, and language exchange is great with them, although I don't look Asian to them