Want to meet new friends in thailand

hi i want to meet female friends from thailand im planning to visit and spent holidays this year in thailand want some adventures hope to meet someone to guide me when im there..

welcome to Thailand!

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hi cant give any places yet cuz im also planning to spend holidays in bagkok..will just keep intouch once we got there or once i got in bangkok... till next

hi you can email me at real_self123@yahoo.com..hope to hear from you all soon..thank you see you in thailand soon

Hi I am also travelling to Bangkok from 9th to 23rd October 2010. Would anyone like to meet up, do some shopping, travel to coast/temple or just have a coffee. It would be great to hear from you, email me direct on m.trundell@yahoo.co.uk to arrange to meet. Happy travelling.x

Hi guys

   I am local maybe i can recommend some good place to go for partying or I think the other expat in this forum must know a lot of good place to go to too! maybe u guy can share the idea too?


I know quite a few people already from this forum and we meet regularly on weekends. Contact me if you wanna join the fun!
I tried very hard in the past to make forum meetings but not so many people attended. However I found that meeting one by one makes us plenty. Two weekends ago, we were 7 different nationalities partying, getting to know each other and having fun.


Welcome all to Thailand.