Lamphun expats ??

Looking for expats in Lamphun area to get together once in awhile for coffee, beer, conversation.  Thanks  Brian

Rarely to find in Lamphun really! I used to have an English tenant living at my mom's residence in Lamphun but he has left a while ago.

anything if you want to know more connect me

Im renting a house in Lamphun. Been here two weeks and l have not seen another farang. Maybe lm not frequenting the right places.

@tehrann1212 any bars in Lamphun that telivise Afl games

I see there is the Downunder bar in Chiang mai. I was hoping to find somwhere closer to home ( Lamphun)

Lumphun is about 99% Thai. You would not see many foreigners there unless they married a Thai from there. If you are in Lumphun City, you are luckier since it is in the Northern most part of the province and it borders Chiang-mai province and Chiang-mai City is near that Southern border of their province. I would go to Chiang-mai to look for foreigners. There are foreigners there.

@JayEsCee l am living in Lamphun city, l figured that ld probably have to travel to CM. Thanks for your reply.

Where is the nearest location to Lamphun where most expat who works at Lamphun live?

There is no high or substantial concentration of foreigners in Lamphun. Whatever foreigners there would be few, very sparce, and scattered throughout the province without a significant concentration anywhere. You would need to go to Chiang-mai.

I'm going to be in Lamphun for a semester of teaching English!