Community of expat living north of Phetchabun

@Julien hi! I live north of Phetchabun a few weeks a year for now, and this will gradually go to a few months a year. My (Thai) wife and just built a house…). I am wondering if there's a small community of expats in the area. I love local life and culture but I can feel a bit isolated sometimes as the Farang in the middle of a big local family! Anyone in the same position and area, I'd love to connect!

Hello Benphetchabun, welcome on board !

Please note that I have created a new thread from your post on the Thailand forum so that members may easily contact you.

May I ask how is it to live in that area ?

All the very best


Hi! Thanks for creating a new thread. My wife comes from Ban Rai, between Phetchabun and Ban Rai. We share our time between there, UK where we live now mostly, and France where I am from.