Children's Education in Belgium

Hi guys,

I'm a single mum with 2 kids from Singapore. My boyfriend is a Belgian and he has invited my kids and I to stay with him in Belgium.

I have a lot of worries and uncertainties as I am Asian and have never lived elsewhere other than Singapore. My kids are 5 and 4 years old respectively.

If I were to bring my kids to Belgium and stay with my boyfriend, how would their education be like? What are the fees like?

I am afraid I might not be able to handle the cost of living in Belgium.

Please share some informations or thoughts if you have any.

Thank you,

I don't think the cost of living here is high at all, and I'm pretty sure the education system is pretty good. I don't have children in school so I don't know what the costs of it are, but they start young and and I believe they're pretty thorough about it.

Hi Melby,

Thanks for replying.

Local schools in Belgium teaches in French or Dutch but my kids do not understand both the language yet. I've browse the international schools and their fees are expensive.


I'm really feeling stressful now.

Your kids are young, with immersion they will pick up the new language without much difficulty. I'm pretty sure they provide some sort of help at the beginning to help with the transition.

And yes, schools teach in Dutch if they are in Flanders or French if they are in Wallonia.

Ola pessoal. Eu vim de Portugal com aminha familia para a Belgica,o meu marido trabalha,mas o meu problema e por o meu filjo num jardim de enfancia, ele tem 2,5. Gostava de saber como? E com documentos portugueses se eaceitam a crianca?se alguem sabe,agradecia que me dessem uma dica.:P:D

Hi kateryna kulikova,

Please post in English only on the Anglophone forum, so that all members can read and participate.

Here is the Fórum Bruxelas, if you wish to post in Portuguese. ;)



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