Hi all,
Have been in Bratislava for a couple of years after having been in London for over 25 years! I have a food shop, Seoul Plaza, on Bajkalska and am always looking for things to make life a little bit easier. I have just started bringing in UK, US and South African items, if you need anything specific get in touch any time...

hey there...
We just moved to Bratislava and, despite what we thought, are unable to get a certain vitamine that I take every meal I eat. Do you have the ability to get this from the states? If you do, I would buy it from you regularly while I'm here... it's easier than having it shipped over. This is what I take now and, without it, I am in quite a bit of pain when I eat. And, of course, I'm almost out of the tablets :( … .spi?ID=19

Also, my man is from Ireland and we can't find decaf tea here anywhere... might you be able to import PG Tips decaf? … leproducts

Also, do you carry non-food items?
Also, what types of stuff  do you have already?

This is great!
Smiles and thanks.
Jess & Gary

I can look into it. I know there is are good health stores in the UK, I'll keep you posted. Decaf tea is a good idea, I can get this, the only decaf item in store is Coke. We mostly have Korean, Chinese, Thai and other Asian items such as Indian. We have some non-food such as dishes and cutlery, household goods, only a small selection. Have a look on our UK website

I'll keep you posted. Yooni

Oh, yes! We cook so so so much Thai... on a daily basis.
We are new to Bratislava and don't know our way around much.
We are coming from the Devin side of town... might you be able to tell us how to get there from here? It would help a lot... and we can come in and say hello and pick up a few things.


Yooni & Jess...

I am doing some exploring of Bratislava and Slovakia and happened upon this post. I an American currently living in Boston and have been asked to move to SK for work in the fall.  I am today in Nove Mesto, NV and will take the train to Bratislava this afternoon.  I was hoping you might have some advice to offer on moivng here?  Has it been easy to find friends?  Regards, tory

Hi, Tory!
I'm glad you are coming :)
We just met with a bunch of people from this website last night and it was wonderful. Good conversation and a lot of connections were made!
We've only been here 1 week so that was the first we have made it out, but it seems like a very lively city. If you would like to meet up for coffee, or a drink, or whatever, feel free to contact me.
Also, If you look around for Southern-Sun on this site, she's a good contact to make for meeting up with people.
Best of luck on your travels.
Smiles, Jess & Gary

Welcome on board of Tory! :)

Thanks for the responses!  I am just trying to get a feel if I will be able to build a network of friends & get along in the area given I only speak English.  It is clearly a beauitful country! Jess if you are around Bratislava tomorrow or Friday I would love to meet up.

hey there! We're not sure if we'll be out tomorrow, but maybe saturday, but still not sure yet of a possible weekend trip... pop me an email and we'll exchange details? jessicakamens[at]

you are welcom tory :-)

I would love some BBQ sauce to be avaliable....

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