Can l Get Married on Visit Visa (CVV) or Tourist Visa in Romania

Hi All
I am from India and I want to get married in Romania with my Romanian Girlfriend.
She sent me sponsorship for visit her and I have got the Visit Visa (CVV) or you can say Tourist visa.
Am i allowed to get married on that visa.
Please help me out.
Thank you.

Ofcourse it is possible. No kind of visa and no country prevents an applicant from getting married. And no, getting married in India or Romania is not any easier or difficult. Both have separate procedures and documentation. To ve.advisory, please dont give wrong info if you dont know. Your answer is not in right taste, as should be expected of in this expats forum. Forum is made to help people not ridicule them.
To Sandymall, ask your gf to go to a marriage registrar office in bucharest and they shall provide all info. No authority prevents marriages. It one of most critical activities in modern day, civilized world :-)

Yes but you need to bring some legalised documents from tour country and then to translate them in romanian like your birth certificate and your certificate of your single status issued by your government. Once you arrive in Romania you should ask to your embassy to issue a certificate called "certificat de cutuma" and also to go to a public notary to ask for a declaration de casatorie (you will need an official translator provided for the notary so you have to pay for the document and the translation). The other documents are copy of your passport (preferably legalised in your country), copy of your visa (you must have a valid visa for at least 15 since the moment that the city hall accept your file) if not, they will reject it. Finally you and your girlfriend should go to take a medical exam (for marriage). You can take it at any hospital in Romania (preferably in Urgencies). It's better if you start preparing your file as soon as you arrive in Romania because some documents can take a while to be issued (like the ones that the embassy should prepare). Hope to have help you. Good luck!

Hi Sandymall,
What Amrind Wads said it true. You can follow that procedure. First thing you need is a single certificate if you are single  or the divorce decree incase if you are divorced. You Need to get the Apostile on your Birth Certificate and Single Certificate/Divorce decree. Before getting the Apostile you need to get the Home Department Attestation on your Certificates. Find an agency in your city to get the Home Department attestation, its little time taking procedure from 7-25 days. Get the Home department attestation in all the certificates and then apply for the Apostile. I would suggest you to go to this company called VFS Global, check it out from the website if its there in your city. They do the Apostile as well as they translate the documents in to Romanian language also, it takes 6 days to get the Apostile done. Take all the documents and go to Romania. I think its depending on your luck how long it takes there in Romania. Getting the NOC from the Indian Embassy there will take little time. And if you have all the certificates translated and if you have the Apostile done on certificates, then remaining will be easy. For my friend it took 2.5 - 3 months to get the NOC from the Indian Embassy there to finish the procedure there. Best thing I would tell you is to get her to India and get married here. If you are a Hindu, then they do accept the Arya Samaj kind of wedding. If you are from other religion, then you can get married in a register office, but she has to stay here at least for 30-40 days, for all the register marriage related work to be completed. (Everything i said may not be correct, just telling you from the experiences of my couple of friends who got married to Romanians).