Please help me get a job in Austria

Thanks for your reply Mr. Julien,
I would like to forward you about me and my life, I am Hendry N. Daniel, all call me Rukshan,  I am from Sri Lanka. I bone  & Studies at Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. During my school days I Coloured in Basketball games, and got many awards in all island school games, and best defending player, captained as well, after that I selected to Sri Lanka Ashian games, participated at behalf of Sri Lanka held at India. and after I came to Colombo for my Biz and started my own biz at colombo
I have 2 Kids one is 10 Girl, next one is 2 year old Boy. my wife is house wife
I have to look after my family and my mother sister and my grand parents expense as well, also I have to responsible to look after my wife father and mother expense

The job in sri lanka is not sufficient to life and cover all expense, even i do not have own house, or office all are rent, day by day problem to cover all expenses that is why i would like to go abrod for work

i would like to for ward my work experience for your consideration
    Managing Director of eToursLanka (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka (Online Ticketing, Inbound Tour Operation, Rent-a-Vehicle & Accommodation Service). 
    Inbound Tour Packages with Hotels & Apartments for Foreigners.
    Bus / Train Ticketing booking by Online (Islandwide Operation)
5 years Experience

    Sole Proprietor of Theekshana Trade Link (Import & Export  intending Agent, General Dealer in Buy & Selling, Marketing )
    Fresh Sea Food, Fresh Vegetable Export. 
    Table Salt Imported & Marketing.
    Fresh Milk Marketing.
    Computer Tonner Import & Marketing.
    Industrial Machine Import & Marketing.
    Plastic Toys Import & Marketing.
3 years Experience

    Sole Proprietor of Shan Graphics (Graphic Designing for Printing, Type Setting, Printing, Name Board Advertising, SMS Advertising, Marketing) Software familiar: Corel Draw, Photoshop, Illestrator, Word, Excel, Database etc.
12 years Experience.

    Gulf Experience since 2000-2002 at Safari Company Limited at Saudi Arabia in a  Hospital Project at Operational Maintenance Department as a Computer Programmer & PC Technician.

Project Completed:
    Medical Record Programming.
    Ware House Programming.
    Property Control Programming.
    Payroll Programming.
    Plant Preventive Maintenance Programming.

    In-charge for Plant Preventive Management of the (MOH) Hospital.
Maintaining the Hospital HVAC, MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL, PABX Units

    In-charge for Hospital Staffs Accommodation Division.

    In-charge for Staff Transpiration Division.

    Office Management (Filing & Records Maintaining)

    Worked as a Computer Lecturers & Instructor of Cernter for Systems Studies  Batticaloa,   Sri Lanka.

I am hard working and honost person, if you can please help me to get any job at Austria, with a work permit

Thank you
God Bless You

rukshandan :

I am hard working and honost person, if you can please help me to get any job at Austria, with a work permit

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Hello rukshandan  :cheers:

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