Find a job in Austria


You are an expat living in Austria? Please share your experience!

What is the best way to find a job in Austria?

The Internet? Please tell us which are the most useful / effective websites for job seekers in Austria.

Recruitment agencies? Have you got their contact?

Newspapers? Which ones?


Thanks in advance for your participation

I lived in Vienna for three years. It is a beautiful laid back city with a historic center and a lot of business and international institutions.

You can find a job in the papers on Saturday, the internet (the usual suspects: jobpilot, monster etc.) and the state employment office (AMS).

Recruitment agencies usually look for people in highly qualified areas but they advertise in the papers and the internet.

I don't know where you are moving to in Austria. But Vienna is seat of the UN, so you could check the United Nations job opening for something suitable.

My experience has shown that there are plenty of job opportunities in large cities. In large companies English is sufficient, it is advisable to learn a bit of German.

Hope that answers some of your questions.

Just a quick note. I find Austria a good place only for those who are experienced. If you are looking for results, of course. I have been taken part in an Austrian training and this is one of the things that I've learned there.
Noobies are kinda hard to easily find a job.

I would be interested to know if teaching jobs were plentiful within Austria. I currently work as an occupational therapist in the uk, but i am considering re-training. As my German isn't as good as it might be, i may have a better chance at employment in this line of work?

Thank you for your reply. we hope to move to Austria within 3 years. We have friends in mittersil and though it would be nice to consider this area, it obviously isn't a major city with the plentiful job opportunities. Though i am an occupational therapist, i feel due to the language barrier i may be better off trying to qualify as a teacher, where i may be able to use my English skills. I wondered if anyone has any information that may be useful to me, such as if there were adequate teaching jobs available for English speakers, or if there is a remote chance anyone knows anything about occupational therapy in Austria. I would be grateful for any further comments and suggestions.

Is it possible to find a job tutoring English as a second language if I don't have a degree in English?  (Nor do I have a ESL certification)


Fulbright Scholarship...


The hard part is actually getting the visa, but since you are EU, English teaching jobs aren't hugely difficult..

Hello, I am Melvin Nones from the Philippines and I am looking for a job in Austria, If anyone out there is looking for an employee I am very much willing and I can do just about anything from gardening to being a personal assistant, thank you!

warp > you should post in the Austria classifieds

[at] julien, sorry I'm a newbie here, thanks for the info.

Hi, everyone, how are you doing?
I am Russian and I have lived in Spain for 20 years, feel like a change.
I speak a little French, Italian, learning my German.
Where could I actually look for a job from Spain?
Thank you very much, Alina

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Maybe this could help you too:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow ugc"> … englische-

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I am usman from Pakistan. I am applying for job seeker visa for austria. I have done MBA Marketing and have 6 years experience in Sales and Marketing and award certificate as well. Will you please guide me that what is the condition of jobs in austria for sales and marketing professionals.

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