Counselling in Spain

Hi everyone. I am seriously considering moving to the Andalucia area of Spain. I am a counsellor in private practice here in the UK. I am wondering if English speaking people in the area would be interested in counselling. I would dearly love to move my practice to Spain.
I'd love to hear what ex-pats think about this. Your feedback would be much appreciated.



What sort of councilling...medical, coaching?

Hi Christopher, thank you for responding to my post. I also offer online counselling.
My work is counselling as a therapist. Helping people with problems such as stress, anxiety, relationships, bereavement, anger management etc. [Moderated: No free ad on the forum]

With the amount of general tardiness and frustrations,  political corruption, illegal houses, unnecessary bureacrasy, high unemployment, reducing value of pensions etc etc I'd say there is a good market amongst expats in Andalucia for your services. To really add value I'd suggest you need to should be here to understand the problems people are facing and the complications and dissapointment they often face here in Spain in addition to your 'standard' expertise which I feel sure will be transferable.
I understand that the idea is for people to help themselves but I think knowledge of conditions here would add a great deal of credibility to your offer.
If you would like some assistance researching, forming an entry strategy and building a business plan then I could help you?

Hi Marlene,
I'm thinking about the same! I have a private practice in coaching and counceling in Holland and am considering living in Spain (south).
Christopher, your answer is great, the things you write are so right! I visit Spain on a regular basis and also noticed these emotions.
Maybe we could think about this together? I believe in networking and sharing, that is how I built up my business in Holland too.
Hope to hear from one of you, regards! Simone

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