Holiday letting business

Hi all, can anyone give an informed view on the holiday letting business in Spain, particularly Andalusia? Is it highly competitive as the gite/B&B business in France is?
Apologies if I have posted in the wrong area of the forum.

Hello Gliet

That is quite a wide ranging question. If you do an internet search you will find a lot of information. Regulation in all areas of holiday lettings in Spain have been updated within the last few years. You need a licence for the property; you must report financial activities to the tax authorities, you must report details of all occupants to the authorities. It is a competitive business and easier to manage hands on.


Thanks, Steve, much appredciated.

Hi Gilet,
also be aware that in competitive areas restrictions are now active or will kick in shortly.
I strongly advise checking that you can get a license easily before any investments.
Regards Martin

Thanks, Martin.

I have read that the condition in theory is that if the property has a direct access from the street (most likely on the street level), it's possible to get a tourist license in Madrid. Is it true though? Does anyone have a recent successful application? Thank you.

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