Hi All.. I'm very new to this forum so please go easy on me, my name is jack, and i currently live in the UK . A town called Bolton. I work for the ambulance service NHS but need a shake up in life, and I would like to learn spanish and work and live in spain.My hobbies include bodybuilding, music which i am a drummer, love dancing and collecting and selling vintage mens clothing. I'm looking to live around malaga andulcia or any other part of spain  to work. I'm looking for a long term rental on a double room in a houseshare or flatshare accommodation. I'm willing to teach English for a return for learning spanish. If there is any couple or single person who would like a honest trustworthy person for houseshare could you please get in touch with me...thanks ..

Hi Jack and welcome on Expat.Com.

Make sure to read the articles of the Living in Spain guide so that you may gather as much information possible. You may also drop an advert in the Housing in Andalusia section of the website.

All the best,

Cheers my dear...thanks for your advice..

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