Live in spain and work

Hi im looking to relocate and live in spain, i am looking for work out there can any 1 point me in the right direction for me to do this please it would be much appreciated thank you.

With unemployment high in spain,  14% adults 34% youngsters,  i guess there are many Spaniards asking a similar question.   

So Good luck to you

yes thank you, im just looking for that 1 good opportunity :)

My son, a U.K. qualified accountant with many other skills, spent two years here before giving up, having spent all his savings and incurred a lot of debt, and returning to U.K.

Unfortunate for him, ye thats him not me i never give up.

Well good for you

Ps my son, he is 54, fluent Spanish and French in addition to english, black belt jujitsu instructor,etc. finally gave up when he  had incurred a £27,000 debt plus,  I don't know  much, but three maxed out credit cards. A Substantial amount

ye really unfortunate for what happend to him but everything happens for a reason, i just want a little job like fruit picking or laboring or a helper just to get my foot in the door.

Have you considered a temp agency? Maybe temp to hire contracts, or $$ until something more perm comes along. IDK

Firstly you would need to be much more specific on where you would want to live......i am sure you would get more advise if members knew where and when you would be here.
There are plenty of jobs about if you are in the right location.

Sir i want to working visa in Spain  tell me something about this.  I am belong from India.

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