How to obtain a copy of final exit visa?

Someone please help me to get my final exit paper print

hello guys I need help to get a hard copy of my exit visa in saudi.. pls … action=vvs[/b]b/actions/[/b] " 
enter your passport number and other details  , hope this will help you.

Hello sir, my final exit visa is done in last week it's allows 60 days more to stay here from final exit issued date but my iqama will expire is there any problems or will have to pay any fine to stay after iqama expired? Please advise me

Hi there! Most likely you'll  have an issue regarding that. You should leave the country before your iqama expires. Better  inquire about that from your HR or directly from MOI. All the best!

Ok rather than messaging me about this i will post here what I did.
First to be honest i never had a copy of my FINAL EXIT VISA.
So what I did is to check online. So a lot of people have shared links from MOI which is really helpful. So I screenshot that  image from online and have it printed  so now that is the hardcopy version 🤣😂
Some agencies won't  accept  thia but still  be confident because online is an approved system here in KSA.
Second I emailed my respective embassy here to confirm my status in MOI and they really did replied and assisted me just by responding through  my emails.

If you are still in KSA try to visit in person the MOL and MOI to confirm yout status.

Your company HR can provide you Final Exit Paper for you and dependents after you exit KSA through email as well. It has a ILM Website logo on it. I have got a document like that from Company.

Dear Candidate If You Are An Indian Then You Have To Pay  2500 INR To Any Agency In India they have Access to open the Site Other wise Very Difficult to get Exit paper

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i need to to download exit letter from saudi arab but i could not open the site from india

my family want to go on final exist, But my new born baby not yet Iqama, I have applied and submitted all required documents to my company in Al KhubarH/O, Company mandoub was go Khubar Jawazat office they sent him main jawazat office Dammam they advise following document will be required
1) Original birth Certificate of new born baby, Original vaccination card and mother passport copy, he submitted these document in jawazat office Dammam and they advise him advise come this coming Sunday, Due to this late day by day I have change my family flight tickets and  paid more 3357 SAR as a penalty, I am not sure they will make iqama of my baby this week, So I can't send him to my homeland again ihave to paid this flight change penalty.

Please help me as your experience, how can I will get my family final exist visa.

Muhmmad Safdar

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i need help also to get my final exit visa

Sir this site you mention it's  can't open
My Iqama no. 233***  Iqama exp date 25.06.1437  /   /sponcer - 700***/ passport no. ***** / VISA NO. 1****  /   date of birth  10.06.1986

Can you check my visa status final exit or not
I will very very greatfull to you.

my IQAMA NO. 233981****
PASPORT G7476117
dob 10.06.1986
pls check my final exit paper.

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Hi there!
I'm  also an expat who came back to my country of origin. I worked in ksa for two years. Before leaving the kingdom, my boss informed me that my exit visa is electronic so no need for him to give me any paper or document. I just present my Passport in the immigration and they will stamp it for exit. So that went smooth. So I'm currently searching for a job and my agency is requiring me to provide a copy of my final exit visa . I'm trying to contact my previous employer but until now I do not get any response. So I'm wondering how can I directly get such document.

Iqama no  237398***
Passport no J2765***
DOB.          12.12.1989
Nationality.  Indian

I really need your help and assistance fellow expatriates. Hoping for your positive response.
God bless!

can i get the address of those agencies please i am ready to pay as well

have u got u r final exit doc?
i am also facing the same problem.
consultant asking for original copy of final exit paper with moi logo.
one of the consultant says that he will provide the original exit paper(by charging money) ,can i trust him?
i also tried with my colleagues from KSA , they provided me exit paper from one agent .
But they issued me in print out format , which have details regarding my exit without MOI logo. 
I have submitted it to the job consultant , in reply he said that it is declined.
how can i get the original copy ?
I have also mailed to embassy.


Hello Ma'am!

I just want to ask if the Embassy help you in acquiring you exit visa because I want to ask help from them too for my visa as well.
Thank you!

Hello everyone!
I just want to ask help regarding my final exit visa..
I badly need a copy of it. For my application abroad..
Thank you!

Assalamu Alaikum Mr.Hassan,

Even I am facing the same problem to get my final exit paper.Kindly help me to get my final exit paper.Awaiting for your positive response soon.

Try site. You can print your exit paper online with passport no only. Best luck.

how to take final exit print??i was a moh nurse from 2012 to 2015.Now i want this printout please help me

when it is issued it will be given to you by your sponsor
or you can check the MOI site for visa validity

hi there
can u pls show the Screenshot because I have an issue

Yesterday (27 May 2018), I Got My Final Exit VISA, I got SMS from MOI, but it is processed today.
Go to your ABSHER/MOI Account, click on my dashboard, under your picture, go to my details. Under VISA information, you will find your new VISA number and VISA class as FINAL. Print it by right click option, You can also save it into pdf.
Also, my bank account and STC sim is still working.

Halu..there anyone can help me to get the copy of my exit visa..please


this is what happen when i enter my passport number and iqama number

How do i get a final exit visa.
I am still in saudia...want to get it before i go

Can i get the details for d agency

Hi Guys,

I was born in Saudi Arabia in 1993 and I left the Kingdom when I was 16 years old. Currently I am applying for Permanent Residency in Australia and they are asking for final exit document which I lost. Is there anyway to get a copy of this? I was a dependent and was under the sponsorship of my mother hence, I didn't have an iqama. Please suggest how to get a copy of the final exit document.


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