Need to verify my visa Number

Dear Sir,
This SARVARATCHAGAN R from India, I got job  Limanki Beach Hotel.
Location: Aya Napa, Cyprus. job name is admin Assistant .  and  got a my visa number M93-7294  from  travel agency in India . please anyone check my visa details through Cyprus  embassy  so please give correct and possible mail about my visa details I want to know the my visa original or not

Hello there , i want to chat with you regarding cyprus visa because even my brother also got cyprus visa this week with same employer limanki beach hotel and we dont know how to check but if we can share our visas to each other then it might be easy for us to know the status. if you are ready o help me please contact me on [email protected] . PLease we realy need help .

You should phone the Limanaki Beach Hotel yourself and find out directly. I don't think the hotel will employ people from India as there are plenty of people looking for jobs in Cyprus that also speak Greek.
The fact that you are two people in India being offered position in same hotel sound suspicious.

Hello i got my visa how can i check & verify...

speak to immigration dept

Hlo boss how can i. Check my visa im from nepal

I want to verify a visa

Check with the immigration dept

agbelusiomolade48 wrote:

I want to verify a visa

Why are members responding to an inactive post even when they are told so?

Even when AGAIN one of the experts of the site has repeatedly said the same thing, the same question is asked. This really confuses me!!