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We are planning a move to Paphos later this year. My wife holds an Irish passport. My question is whether I ,as a British passport holder , will need to prepare for all of the new 3rd country requirements (Police Clearance, Bood Tests etc ) or if I can enter Cyprus as a sponsored EU spouse and avoid some of these requirements ? we come in peace as pensioners btw !

Can anybody advise ?

Easy - I have an Irish passport and my husband a British one. Book your appointment now. Don't need much - I wrote a summary of what you need to do.

Getting residency in Cyprus

The information here and websites are correct February 2023, but requirements could change. If you don't want to do this yourself you can employ a lawyer or agent to do the paperwork for you but you have to attend in person. You need a printer as there is quite a bit of paperwork involved.

Book Appointment

Make an appointment on website as soon as possible as it will take around 3 months to get one. Once you get confirmation keep that email safe somewhere as you can come and go from Cyprus without concern for breaking the rules regarding how long you can stay.

At the moment the appointments can be made on

https://crmd.simplybook.pro/v2/#book/co … vider/any/

Collect Documents

1)  MUY1 /MEU2 form

EU citizens need MUY1 and others MEU2 These can be challenging to find. It is better to print the forms and fill in with a pen as the alien office doesn't like the word doc version and you need the front cover as they stamp it. You can find the forms on the Civil Register and Migration Service, Migration page – use search on left hand side to find the correct form. http://www.moi.gov.cy/moi/crmd/crmd.nsf … enDocument

2)  Birth certificates

3)  Passports and photo copy of passport

4)  Marriage certificate (if married) – need a photo copy of it as they don't accept duplicate documents.

5)  Rental or sale agreement of home.

6)  If married go to the mayor's (Muktar) office and ask them to sign a form to say you live together. Simple to do - you just need your passport details for this and where you live.

7)  3 months of bank statements showing income from Cyprus or overseas.

8)  Health Insurance – buy this to start on the day of your interview. Price varies so get at least 2 quotes and tell them why you need it. Costs around 160 euros each depending on age.

9)  If you are employed you will need to fill in the details on the MEU form and have it signed by the company.

10)  20 euros each in cash

You don't need passport photos anymore as they take them when you have your interview.

The interview

The interview takes place at the Alien office on second floor. You will need patience. If you have an appointment time you don't need to check in with reception as there is often no one there. Just wait and eventually you will be called. Plan to spend a few hours.

The Alien office is currently at Corner of Eleftheriou Venizelou ave. & Kaniggos str., 2nd floor, Eleftheriou Venizelou 22, Paphos 8021

What happens next

If you are an EU citizen you are given a yellow slip then, if not you will have to wait for months for a letter telling you to come and pick up your card. Don't bother asking for it without the letter.

Your wife will apply as an EU national and you will apply at same time as a family member of an eu national .. and as such they must treat you the same...


MEU3 IS PERMANENT OBTAINED ON COMPLETION OF 5 YEARS TEMPORARY RESIDENCE.. unless you have opted for fast track by way of property investment with a property purchase with a value in excess of €300k plus vat usually a new property. The PR can be achieved much quicker

Good luck

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do you know if our marriage certificate needs to be certified/apostilled in a Cyprus embassy somewhere - in your note you mention visiting the local mayor instead ?

the form for EU resident and UK spouse all seems to be one long form

the website that you shared for booking seems to be only in Greek and dates are availble quite soon, but not too far into the future

thanks for your help

I think It has to be apostilled in the location of marriage.

As an aside when we did our MEU3 we did just one form as joint but was made to do two separate forms whilst there..

@Toon hi I'm a irish passport holder my husband British we are going through it now we had to have our marriage certificate appostled and cbs too in UK it cost us 480 English pounds but you might find cheaper elsewhere it had to be sent off to London its quite quick a week I think find a notaire in your area I think he has to appostled it after relevant checks hope this helps we are due to come end of April I will update when everything comes together

Just as a note for others it is possible to use the Gov.uk website to arrange an apostle. It costs gbp30.00 per document but is not as fast as the other more expensive services. They say it can take up to 10 days. I did not have the time to wait so used another service and had to have the docs DHL to Cyprus for a total cost for 2 x ACRO certs of GBP200.00. It was all completed door to door in 1 week.

@phildraper top info .thank you


As someone who recently moved to Cyprus, I can recommend the services of Philippou Law. They have a team of experienced immigration lawyers who can provide you with expert advice and guidance on the requirements for moving to Cyprus. [link moderated]

To answer your question, as a British passport holder, you will need to comply with the new 3rd country requirements for moving to Cyprus. However, your wife, as an Irish passport holder, may be able to enter Cyprus as a sponsored EU spouse and avoid some of these requirements. To get more detailed information and advice on your specific situation, I recommend reaching out to Philippou Law and speaking with one of their immigration lawyers.

I hope this helps and wish you a smooth and stress-free move to Cyprus!


Can anyone recommend a lawyer/agent who can provide assist with the paperwork for applying for residency in Cyprus (Paphos area)

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Are you referring to this one > Bank of Cyprus account ? 1f914.svg

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