Migration appointment at Paphos

Anyone having any luck scheduling an appointment at migration office in Paphos? According to appointment website no appointments are available for the rest of the year.

You need to keep trying - appointments are released throughout the working day every 20 minutes or so, so keep logging on and refreshing the page. Appointments will appear!!
Keep trying they will open up
Am I doing something wrong. I switch the language to english, but on the calendar pages it is all in greek.
Mon - Sunday across the top but in greek
Sorry to bother you so early. Got an appointment page and filled in info and was not able to confirm. It said selected provider is not available. Any thoughts
You must select the office at which you want the appointment ..  Nicosia Limassol Larnaca. Paphos

Which one did you select
Evidently that appt in Paphos was not for visiter permit. Kept trying and got an appt, but I made a mistake and did not select Paphos. So I had an appt in Nicosia which I quickly cancelled.

I will keep trying, very frustrating though. How much does Gwenny's charge for their service? I may just stop into immigration late in the afternoon and speak to Maria .
About €180-€200 per person although it may be more depending on complexity
Very Simple, I have done it myself since 2013. Maria knows me now, maybe I can just slip in. It only takes 5-10 min.
Appointments only now.. for that very reason
well it just did it again. Appt time came up, I put in my info and clicked confirmation and it said

selected provider is not available. I guess it is lunch time.
And again. Same reply: selected provider not available.
In the continuing saga of getting an appt at migration, after finally getting to schedule an appt and being unable to confirm 6 different times, I went to migration office in Paphos for help.
Despite there being signs posted saying only 4 people in the room, there were 2-3 groups of 4-5 people
room plus 5-6 others seated. Maria looked frazzled. Stated my problem to gentleman behind the window.
Luckily, Maria came out of her room for something, the gentleman explained my problem and Maria gave me the name and phone number of the person handling my case in Nicosia. Called and got an answering machine, not holding my breath for a reply.
So this year I am calling Gwenny.
Good luck
Well went to Gwennys today to see about using her service for visitors permit. She charges an initial fee of 70euros and then a 200euro fee for the service. I will keep refreshing the appointment page to get an appointment and do it myself.
Shes increased her rate then
does the appt website work on the weekends?
Holy Crap I tried the website and got an appointment in Paphos for Aug 29, on my first try. I thought
it only worked during work hours.

@ricolo well done, you live and learn...I was just about to post that it probably didn't update at the weekend... How wrong can I be,!!

Thanks, from now on I will only try on weekends.  Friday I tried in the afternoon after visiting Gwennys and I was 210 in line.
This morning I was 21 in line.
Good to know... You're an expert now!
After trying to catch new slots for the last two weeks and constantly getting a message "the provider is not available" once you press "confirm" I finally found a way to book an appointment.  New slots should appear every 20 minutes from 7:30 to 13:00 for the date 3 month in advance. So basically if you use website on 28/07 at 8:10, the slot at 8:10 on 28/10 should appear. But in fact only 2-3 slots appear during the day. So it didn't seem right, where did all the other slots go? I was curious how it was possible. And why the agents and lawyers say they can book slots for us when we can't do it by ourselves. Another thing that if you actually catch one of those slots they say "Selected provider is not available" even if you fill in all info in seconds. I believe this means someone booked the slot faster then you. So I was curious how someone could be THAT FAST! And here is what I did. When I finally caught  a slot even though it didn't let me confirm I saved the link (the one you see when filling in your info). This link ends with date and time, for example /date/2022-10-25/time/12:50:00/ So here is what you need to do. For example it's 28/07 9:20 am now, that means the next slot will appear in 10 minutes and it will be 9:30 am on 28th of October. So here is what you gonna do: change the time in your link (E.g.  /date/2022-10-28/time/09:30:00/) and press enter. Fill in all the info, but don't press "appointment confirmation" just yet otherwise it will say that this time isn't available. Press it at 09:30 exactly, try to be as fast as possible. So once again new slots appear every 20 minutes so like 7:30/7:50/8:10/8:30 and so on until 13:00. The appointment date is 3 month after today so on 28th of July book 28th of October, on 29th of July book 29th of October. I booked two slots in a row this way (for me and for my boyfriend) and I believe this is how agents get all the slots. Hopefully it's helpful and those who don't want or can't afford an agent/lawyer will be able to apply by themselves as it is guaranteed by law. Good luck everyone! And tell all those "bookers" now to find a real job and stop scamming people :)
Very clever - well worked out!
Very helpful
Thanks for the info. Fantastic!!. I will try that next year. This year I finally got an appointment by logging onto appt website on a Saturday morning
Hi people,I am keeping a watchful eye on all the brilliant and informative info on this subject.
I am coming out to Paphos sept/Oct.I'm regularly trawling the Web for longterm renting  and applying for the so called 'pink slip' for 12month residency.
I am concerned that it looks like there is no avaliable accommodation at the budget end of the market avaliable?
Do I come out on a holiday and search?
Alan P.

Check out Facebook marketplace that is likely to be more upto date than many agents

However also contact Sarah Hibbert or Tina Collins or Nicola Jayne  all have Facebook pages
Hi,  Alan, there is also a new app, is called Homy it has a purple color and a huge H, in this app you can find everything that is for rent or sale in Cyprus
I don't think it covers everything and the ones I see in my area are Megabucks.. lol

Went to immigration for renewal of MVIS3. As usual the office was in turmoil. Poor Maria was at the window

handling all the people in line, from mothers with crying babies to loud and abusive Cypriot males. Got in line and finally told Maria I had an appt. Had a seat and the young gentleman told me to come in. This was the same guy that took my first application in 2013.  I had all paperwork  in proper order except the original bank letter of guarantee which Maria kept last September. I tried to get a new letter of guarantee from the bank who gave me a fit, but they said that I had the one and only original and should not have given it to immigration. I was told at immigration that it is now in Nicosia and that immigration is now keeping the original. 

I asked if my application from last year had been approved as I had not heard anything from immigration since it has been 11 months since last application

He looked at the computer and started. My application had been issued one month before it was to expire.

Things move slowly in Nicosia.

Nothing changes .. organised chaos as usual........

Road transport dept is much the same

@ricolo hi sorry to trouble you could you please give me the phone number

Regards  Jackie

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@ricolo I had one booked for the 26th Jan that was made in Oct 2022. I had to postpone that and now have a date of the 14th Feb 2023. The immigration lawyer I am using is dealing with these appointments and I get the feeling they make many and then just allocate clients to them as and when. If you cannot get an appointment you might need to speak with some like I am using. I am happy to pass their details over if you want. I am not sure exactly what the costs will be but they did initially tell me 2-300 Eur. However, given all the additional stuff needed since 1st Jan this is likely to go up. They have told me we absolutely need all the required docs to take to the meeting or it will be a rejection. Do you know exactly what you will need? Again happy to share details of what I have been asked to provide. The list is long and some docs are required from the UK authorities. Could differ for other nationals.

Sorry I think I replied to an old post :-/