New appointment system?

Has anyone had any luck with emailing to arrange appointments for residence

permits. I sent my request today.


I emailed 10 days ago and have heard nothing back, went on line yesterday (Sun) and now have an appointment on Thursday.

That's good news! Surprised it only took ten days!

@ricolo Hi, you misread my note, after 10 days - NOTHING heard. Had to revert to booking direct with the Office to make an appointment!

Oh crap. I guess it is the same old, same old! So when you say you had to revert to booking direct you mean you called the migration offfice or what?

Sent my request for appointment to renew residency permit on April 3. Just received email from confirming appointment for August 1.

Omg ... 

My application for Appointment to convert MEU3 to MUKW3 was ent 27 Apr to "Limetiseis@police ,gov,cy" and I received a reply on 4 Apr advising:  "For such an appointment a booking is not required, Turn up at the office during their morning opening hours". A bit hesitant so I then booked direct on line. I chose a slot that was convenient 1220 on the following day, a Thursday. My Booking request was confirmed for 1220 with Provider 3. Short queue at the Appointments window to confirm my booking was valid (they had a list of names) he gave me a Plastic numberer the 2 of us, told to go to office 7 (where I presume Provider 3 was located). Handed over my plastic number and 2 sets of paperwork - self plus wife, the lady handed me back the second application - never listen to rumour control! Lady checked  the form, took my 2 x  MEU3 forms, handed me two new  receipt forms, told to go to cashier, paid €30 for each application, told to go to Room 8 (Biometrics). Sat had photo taken, stood up  put  2 index finger in little reader. All done. Total time from getting my plastic number only 10 minutes for 2 persons. Well impressed.

@fhaggerty What was the list of required documents

@fhaggerty You stated that you booked direct on line. What website did you do that on?

@fhaggerty  which district office did you book for and attend

@Toon If you are a permanent resident with a MEU3 then you just hand over your original MEU3 (Proof of residency) and Passport (Identity check). Done!

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Confirmation came from:  [email protected].    Good luck.

@fhaggerty cheers

@Toon I used Limassol but they give you a choice of the main district offices with vacant appointment times. Excellent system, that works.

Hmm strange that must be a recent change as others have been told they couldn't go any other district office than the one in which they reside

@Toon Possibly, but I wanted Limassol,was offered Limassol so do not know what would have happened if I had chosen another district.  Though it makes sense to use the area of residence as your information is all on file (hard copy) in your area of residence.