Yellow slip validity

Hi.can any body have idea about this.
Getting married in Cyprus  with non eu.
Got yellow slips (residence card) .for eu partner no expiry date .
But for none eu partner five years yellow slip.
Question is if both they  live out side from Cyprus  in eu partner country .more than six months.
Later when they want to travel back to Cyprus  will they face any problem.
Their yellow slip valid or invalid?

i don think so  - as you d have a passport anyway  - the yellow slips arent valid for travel.

Sorry .may b my question was wrong.none eu marry with eu in there.later got yellow slips.
Later move out from Cyprus to eu host country.
On the air port they chek  yellow slips ,passports,marriage certificate, return flight tickets,
Then all okay.
Now from host eu country to we want to go back after six months.
What will happened what things they will Check again.
Is yellow slip no valid more,
Even we marry in Cyprus.cannot we go back .as a eu treaty rights (surinder Singh route)
We just not need marriage certificate,eu partner along  with,and out passports,?

to be honest I have  no idea  - maybe contact your countries embassy / consulate

No. If your partner is frm 3rd nation citizen. He has yellow slip.  He can only stay 90days out of Cyprus.