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Advise 2 daughters are applying for yellow slip as they lived here before Brexit. They will soon be working once they have all relevant paper work. Is it necessary to open a Bank of Cyprus account?

If they were living here legally with a yellow slip before UK left the eu. Then they would already have a yellow slip and wouldn't be applying for another one .. if it was MEU1 and they have been out of Cyprus for more than 6 months it's likely that it was cancelled..

Maybe they are applying for a pink slip... As I think thats their only route available to them now, unless there is a family route available to them assuming you as their parent(s) are legitimate residents here.  Pink slip for non EU generally disallows working ... If this is the case then yes they will need a Cyprus bank account with a substantial deposit and healthcare cover (not ehic or ghic) plus the required blood tests for hiv hep a hep B TB syphilis etc plus clear x-rays, bank guarantees clean police checks etc But as I said earlier pink slip does not allow working

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As a non eu Brit wishing / needing to work here is not easy now.. You are immediately 3rd in the queue for jobs after Cypriots and EU nationals .. so they would need a legit job offer from an employer who would need to prove there are no Cypriots or EU nationals available to do the job offered... And i believe that they must apply for work permit as it's not automatic right to work now for Brits..since brexit removed that right

On entry they will be entering Cyprus as a tourist on a tourist visa for 90 days maximum.. in that time they are not allowed to work.... Residency must be obtained to allow you to work with a work permit...whereas pre brexit no work permit was required .

Not sure if you have a legitimate route to do that without an employer sponsor or self employment records.

I would suggest they employ a good immigration assistant to get passed the many new hurdles since January 2023

They were living here illegally before Brexit but are now making it legal and are applying. They have a job offer and contract and am asking do they need to have a B.O.C account in order to apply for yellow slip/ or equivalent or an overseas bank account sufficient.

So its a first time legal residency application living here illegally pre brexit they would need to prove that was the case can they do that what proof can you supply  ... ....

Sorry I can't answer much as not come across this scenario before... and since the new rules came into play in January this year am not sure what immigration do or what rules will apply to prospective non EU workers ....but I would hazard a guess and say yes they will need a Cyprus bank account for wages to be paid into . It doesn't need to be BoC it can be any bank in Cyprus.. and I say that as employers would not want to incur transfer charges on payments to a foreign non Cyprus bank account.

Again I would suggest getting a professional involved

Just a quick question occurred to me .... Would they be working remotely ...maybe as a digital nomad.... As that has different residency and working visa requirements

OK, thanks anyway Toon.  If they were applying but with no job order do you feel a non Cyprus account would be sufficient. ( They will still apply for a Cyprus account regardless)

@Toon No...

Just a quick question occurred to me .... Would they be working remotely ...maybe as a digital nomad.... As that has different residency and working visa requirements


@Magnetic sorry no no job offer means no work permit and to get residency they must be able to show sufficient funds to live here currently set at €2000 per month of income OR substantial deposits into a Cyprus bank account from abroad plus the other requirements of the pink slip or digital Nomad visa.. also note most employers now demand a worker to be legal to work here as checks on workforce are becoming more and more common place.

Note .. if they can prove regular income into a non Cyprus bank that fulfils the current residency requirements they may satisfy immigration.. but am not sure if that route would allow working it usually doesn't... Seriously consider consulting an immigration professional. Doesn't need to be a lawyer as there are good individual independent immigration "fixers" here

Maybe family reunification may be a route .. and you become their sponsors and support but then you would need to prove financial capability for support Etc...

I wish you good luck.. please feel free to let us know how you get on.. I would much appreciate the update even if it's by private message

Thank you Toon. Will update when its successful.

Best of luck

Just to add - as Toon said you should really consider a professional as you will wait in line at immigration for days given the appointments have been scrapped. The number of docs required is big and the professional will take these to immigration to get their agreement before you even attend and wait in line. If you explain what is required then they will be able to advise if it will be possible and how. It is a big mine field now and I took 4 months with a professional. Docs that prove time consuming are

UK police ACRO cert with apostle

Cypriot bank account

6 month UK bank statements

circa 20k euro cash deposit proof of source for anti money laundering

Most professionals will provide a free consultation to discuss options and timescales.

Deportation for over staying can result in lifetime ban. If you have immigration in progress the 90 day rule seems to be waived.

Can you recommend a few professionals to help with this that do not charge a ridiculous amount of money? We are just looking to retire in Cyprus, not work.

To add to Phil.... Its not cheap but. It's well worth it to dramatically reduce time effort anxiety and frustration ... ..

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