Citizenship Language Test - after seven years of residence

Hello I wanted to know if anybody renewed their pink slip for seven years and applied for citizenship ? Do you need to write a Greek Language Exam or speak in Greek during citizenship interview ?
You do not need greek language but if you do speak basic greek  it's seen as an advantage and the time  can be cut to 4 years things stand now only 5 years is required ...
You do need to spend the final year 100% here without leaving the island though .. You are also required to have a basic knowledge of the politics the social and cultural aspects of the island and an understanding Of the CyProb...
Thank you so much Toon for clarifying. I thought seven years is required. Did they change the law ?

Naturalization scheme based on years of residence (type M127)
Application for Cyprus citizenship can be submitted by foreigners, who have completed a total of 7 years of legal residence in Cyprus (2555 days of staying in Cyprus) before the application date. The applicant must have resided continuously in Cyprus through the last 1 year before applying. In cases of applicants who are children or parents of Cypriot citizens, the time required is 5 years rather than 7.
Yes the rules changed last year ...  There is subject on this on the blog
Thank you Toon 😊