Adding Wife to Residency permit

Hello, after some advice.

I am a holder of MUKW3 residency, my partner and I have lived in Cyprus for some years she is non EU national.

We will marry later this year, currently she works here and takes her residency via work visa (pink slip), which is pretty stressful at each renewal.

I'm confused as to whether under the withdrawal agreement she should be able to apply for a MUKW2/3, given that we weren't married prior to Brexit withdrawal transition date.

Has anyone faced a similar situation?

@CypBeach I am sort of in the same situation. My partner of 10 years has a Dutch passport and a pink or yellow slip, not sure which one. I am from the US and I renew my temporary visitor permit every year.  She is of the opinion that we had to be married before we came to Cyprus for me to get permanent residence through her residence permit. Either that or just doesn't want to marry me. Anyway, I just sent an email to  Europe Direct Contact Centre for an answer. I will let you know in a few days of there response.

@ricolo why arent you applying for permanent residency in your own right on the basis of living here legally for a period of over 5 is your right to do. Simply provide proof of your legitimate years of residency and bank statements of spending here. It should be straightforward but probably isn't as easy as it sounds I would suggest you explore that avenue

Your long term eu partner could have added you to her application even if it was later as a family member of an EU national... The immigration dept cannot deny you that......all you have to do is prove your long term durable relationship..... Although I gather that may be easier said than done

Either way you really don't need to be married ....

Hi Toon, thanks for your reply. I can prove a long term relationship as I and the immigration dept have joint rental agreements for the last 7 years and joint bank

account at hellenic for 10 years. Since I am good for a year I will look into it with an attorney I know. Sadly there is nothing on the Cyprus migration website, at least I have not been able to find it. 

Once you have attained 5 yrs legal residency you can apply for permanent residency and join and benefit from access to GESY ....100% and without proving a durable relationship

Not sure I am able to meet some of the requirements though, like paying taxes, etc.

You don't have to be paying taxes here ...registered for tax yes.. if taxation in income above €19500 per annum is an issue then a chat with a good tax accountant professional would pay dividends

Thanks,  that is good to know.  Will do that asap. Wondering why Maria has not said anything to me as I have asked her about this for the past 2 years. I specifically asked her if immigration was going to drag me out in handcuffs for not applying for permanent residency.  After she stopped laughing, she said I could just apply every year.

That's more money for government every year lol.. you are 100% entitled to apply for permanent residency

thanks Toon

Following your advice, got on immigration website and found -  Acquisition of an immigration permit for long-term resident in first member state-. It is good for 5 years and costs30 euros. I'm covered for a year under my current temporary permit and will start the process to obtain residence permit soon. Thanks again for info in this matter.

Good luck