Recommendation for Immigration Attorney - Paphos

We are planning to move to Paphos on Oct 29th and need help of an immigration attorney preferably in Paphos to apply for temporary residence permit.

Search for residency subjects there are recommendations there

Thank you so much Toon. Will do !

Just in case you cannot easily find the information...

People who can help you with immigration

Lawyer Esme Palas (Michael Kyprianou lawyers)

Melanie Osborne..

Natasha Maria at Costa Rica Tavern Chloraka … 159854347/

Gwennys Red Tape Services... … 449883995/

Red Tape Resolved ...

Lawyer Elena Mala ..

and whilst using a lawyer comes at a cost they can arrange the immigration appointment, appointment with the bank and provided all the necessary information and advice needed together with a list of all documentation needed for immigration and bank etc. And conveyancing if required. It can make a big difference to stress levels and anxiety .... Some will even do all of this remotely but you must attend the actual application appointment interview in person ...

Thank you so much Toon. I would prefer to get the immigration paperwork reviewed by attorney as it reduces my stress ))

It's your call but all the above are exceptional at what they do . Good luck.

@dvb123 Just want to add, that we are using Mel Osborne for the very same things you need and she has been excellent so far.  She has organised our immigration appointment and has arranged for our rental agreement to be signed by a Mukhtar (I think that spelling is correct) and organised introductions to removal people, financial experts, insurance brokers and the bank. She is costing us €200 each a total of €400. A solicitor would have cost us €2000 for pretty much the same thing. She will also attend the immigration office to smooth our path and she will even do all the financial calculations needed for the immigration people prior to our appointment.

@MacGeorge8035 - Thank you


I don't know which Lawyer you visited about this procedures and told you 2000 euros. I am working in a Law firm in Paphos and our prices are similar to the ones you mention above. Just be 100% before post something.