Is it easy to find available hostels/guest houses in the summer?


I'll be visiting Japan next month, and possibly staying until the end of August. The only accommodation I have planned out so far is a 10 day stay in a hostel in Tokyo. What I'm wondering is whether it will be possible to find inexpensive places to stay in Japan without planning in advance. My idea is to travel through Japan and get an idea of what the various towns and cities are like, so I'd like to be able to do it at my own pace.

If I wanted to book my next hostel stay in Osaka, for example, could I do that from Tokyo without worrying too much about finding a vacancy? I just don't want to do it now, and then decide I want to stay in Tokyo for a longer period, or visit somewhere else.

Hopefully this makes sense, haha! I just want to get an idea of what will be possible on short notice.
Thanks for reading.

hello, that is a good idea to stay 10 days in Tokyo so you can really see the busy buzzling Tokyo Metropolitan :) Kyoto is a place where there are many old temples and its not crowded as Tokyo. Osaka is a nice City , going there you can ride the Shinkansen from Tokyo, you can ask the Tourist information area here in Tokyo when you arrived the international airport you can get some brochures for places to see. The information area can give you some information. I actually tour guide the couple last March but your date of arrival is conflict to  my trip. Although I will be back in middle of July. Please feel free to contact me here. Hiroshima, is also nice place to see.  Take care and keep in touch. God bless! Janiz

Hi Janiz,

Yes - I'm very much looking forward to visiting Tokyo and experiencing it over a couple of weeks. I'm sure I will still be overwhelmed with things to do and places to see! I was thinking about seeing a few of the other cities while in Japan, such as the places you mentioned. And thanks so much, you're really so helpful! Perhaps we will get a chance to meet, if I am still in Japan when you return.