Realistically, how much rent an apartment in shibuya. including transportation costs, food...?
Can I go to Japan through a work visa?
What so often Japanese companies hire foreigners without visa?

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I would invite you to have a look at our guide living in Japan. For your accommodation search, you can also post an advert in the housing in Japan section.


hey, to work here yes u need visa.
how long will u b in tokyo?

I wanna stay forever... how can I get a job without visa? I mean I want a Japanese company hired me to apply for work visa so how much money should I take to stay in Japan without a job? and how hard it is for a foreigner get a job in Japan? could I rent an apartment without papers?

It is best way to apply for a job and request a working visa if you are slected then come to Japan its not so easy as you think coz comming on visit visa before any arrangment will be hard to change it. that will be waste of money and time,
if you intend to live in Japan forever its only after if you can get permanant residence, if someone have working visa in japan they can apply for permanent visa after 10 year,if skilled worker after 4 year,if married to japanese national or to permanent resident after 3 year they can apply,
living cost is to much without work,
To rent a flat you need to be resident and also have someone who can guarntor if in case you can not pay,(some companies let it for you but its not legal way) you can also rent with any of your friends name.
its best if you have someone in japan to help you at your start.

I would bring about $2000 per month to get by on until you have a job and home.