Lung Scar work abroad Japan, taiwan

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     Can somebody answer me the right answer because I want to work abroad especially in Japan, Taiwan, Canada, New Zealand, but I had a lung scar way back 2013 I am first timer abroad if ever, is there any chance to work abroad especially those countries. Do you know any agencies here in Philippines? If I have here mga kababayan ko please help each other answer my question if do you know something. Thankyou hoping for answers especially mga kababayan ko.

@aramalonda hello kabayan!

I would suggest to better check the legit agency at POEA that have job orders here in Japan coz I believe you are in the Philippines.I couldn't suggest agency personally because I was directly hired last 2019.Also about your lung scar way back 2013,you will go through screening/medical if you are fit to work.

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@Genahoney but in any cases is there a possibility or you know someone with the same situation who got pass the medical and work in Japan?

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@aramalonda I know someone she got lun gscar when already here and also she's spouse visa.Again I would suggest to consult the agency there too.Check POEA for legit reference.

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@Genahoney thankyou so much 🥰

@Genahoney hello kabayan are you in japan? I also have lung scar and planning to apply a job in japan. What happen if they saw your lung scar?