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Hello, I'm Italian and we don't have the working holiday visa with Japan (yet). The news came out last year in May but no news yet, so I'm working (in Italy, ofc) to spare money in order to enroll in a Japanese language school for 6 months at least, I mean, it's the best way to be in Japan with a sponsorship, study and get a part time. My Japanese is between N3 and N2, I studied for a bit in Kyōto last year and took a look around to see which one could ever be the best way to move in Japan. That's the plan but I heard someone get the working visa: how do you get a sponsorship from Japan while you're still in Italy? on which site should I apply? are there recommended agencies who scout you? any useful advice? thank you very much.

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We have several articles on work in the Living in Japan guide for expats, I recommend that you read them to gather as much information as possible.

Furthermore, please share some details on your field of expertise, what kind of job are you looking for and what qualifications you hold so that we can guide you.

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@tadanokate Hi. I've been in Japan for a month, I don't like it here. If you want to come to Japan, this is the recruiter's email address ****

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@tadanokate There are recruiting sites

Find them. I don't remember. I would write to you.

@tadanokate It's better to go to America or Norway.))))

@Ilgars197965 thank you for your advice but I think everyone is free to choose the country they want to move in.

I have my family in the USA and I could go whenever I want, I've been there every summer before covid :) it's not a place where I could live. For what concerns Norway, good for you ☺ I am not informed about there, also, I've spent my whole life studying Japanese and working with Japanese students and tourists so.

@Bhavna hello Bhavna, thank you so much for your kind answer. I actually had updated my profile but the job information has been rejected by the site. I'm gonna update it once again.

I work as an interpreter (Japanese Italian and English), as a cultural mediator for Japanese tourists and students in Italy and as a language teacher, I am currently teaching basic chinese and japanese in both private and public schools. Also, I used to taught Italian and English to Chinese students during my last internship.

As for what concerns Japan, I'd say I would like to do a job which allow me to use languages and public relations, I was thinking about Sakura house real estate or something like hotel receptionist.

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@tadanokate thanks

@Bhavna 12years  experience  carpenter job