To go and to live in Japan next year


I'm from Spain, but there is few information about getting the visa in Spanish websites.

I have been investigating, and I think the best I can do is to be an English/Spanish teacher. Do you know any other options? The problem is that due to personal reasons I only can work outside home 5-6 hours a day. But there is no problem to work remotely. I imagine that there is no option to get the visa working from home…

I have also found lots of websites that sell TEFL courses but some of them are scams. Do you know a trustworthy website?

Do you know websites where I can look for a job in Japan? My Japanese level is near N4 level.

Any other advices are welcomed :)

Thanks for reading!

Hello emsat,

Welcome to!

Have you seen if there are any vacancies for English/Spanish teacher in Japan?

For now, you can get in touch with the Embajada del Japón en España. They may provide you with relevant and reliable information.

You can also check our Living in Japan guide for expats. You may benefit from additional information1f609.svg

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Yoginee team

Hi Yoginee,

Thanks for your answer and your information.

I call the Spanish Embassy, but they didn't provide me any extra information, they only told me that I had to find a job where they sponsor me, which I knew it…

I have been searching jobs in some websites, and it seems that it is very important to have the TEFL certification. But I don't know which website is reliable to get it…