Relocating during Permanent Residence application (Spouse of Japanese)

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I'm going to apply for my permanent residence next week, having been married for 10 years, and lived in Japan for almost 3. We have children together, and I work in Japan.

I'm actually separating from my wife, for reasons I wont go into in detail, but she has become abusive towards me, both physically and emotionally.

I need to move out as soon as possible, but I also need to get my permanent residency. My now-wife would rely upon me for supporting the kids, and so going back to my country is not really a good option for anybody.

If I apply for my permanent residency, and move out, is this likely to cause issues with my application? If so, how could this be countered? Is there any supporting document I could attach with my application which would help?

Would it be better to submit my application after I have relocated?

I found out that I will need to be a permanent resident before leaving my spouse, otherwise I will not have sufficient grounds to apply for it.


Hi, I am sorry to hear about your situation.
I got a better job offer than my current job some time ago, but I had to be outside of the city most of the time due to job conditions. But my wife reminded me as a spouse visa holder, one of the most important condition is living together. If visa officers somehow think I don't live with my wife, they can cancel my visa. So I had to reject that great job (I still feel bad about it).
Also, I hear especially when you apply for a permanent visa, they usually come to your apartment to confirm if you really live together. I don't know if it is true because some Japanese people like to exaggerate the rules, but it sounds possible.

Hope you can get your life together until you get a permanent visa and become a free man.

living together is the first requirement for spouse visa & application of PR.
however, just living together is not enough, letter of guarantee should be signed by ur wife too, is she ready to sign it ? pls confirm.

another option is to get highly skilled visa by points if its possible.

further another option is to get long term resident visa teijuusha.

i recommend you take up a visa based on ur personal skills.
because nobody can take away ur personal skills which u have earned ...
Visa based on skills such as Engineer, Management, Linguist or Artistic skills, others include as a business owner or work visa etc...

Hi all,

I am a music producer based in Spain planning to move to Japan once the lockdown has been lifted. I am unsure of how to apply for a visa for artists. Any advice would be welcome. I am ready to do the heavy lifting. I just need someone to point me in the right direction.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my message.

I apologize for interrupting.

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Hi, its very easy in ur case. I will guide you certainly.
As you can enter Japan for 90 days without visa, i recommend you to go as a tourist.
During this 90 day period you CANNOT earn money (its illegal), but you can do either of the following based on ur preferences:
  1) Do job-hunting, get a job, & apply for work visa or
  2) start-up ur own business & apply for business manager visa, or
  3) find a partner, get married & apply for a spouse visa
          (ur spouse should be: japanese, or a resident-foreigner)

if none of these applies then i will think further options.

buena suerte con eso


Thank you very much for replying. Regarding the lockdown. I'm from London, based in Spain. I've been living in Spain before Covid went viral. Should I go to Japan from Spain or should I travel to somewhere else first before heading to Japan?

Will the lockdown be lifted by the end of January?

Kind regard

Due to Covid-19, the Japanese immigration is in a limbo, they took extreme steps to protect themselves thereby hurting their economy . Although it was not the perfect approach, but lessons learned, hopefully they make better decisions in future...

sorry, but i cannot suggest about ur travel plans, because im not sure when could they allow foreigners again.

lockdown may end after 2 weeks (my blind guess), but i dont think the situation would improve till april (again my blind guess).

best wishes,

Thanks for replying. Yes, I agree. It is very frustrating, but we can only stay positive.

As Charles Darwin once said: "Survival of the fittest",
if we can survive a pandemic then we can dream about our future.
so stay safe & be protected for urself and for ur future generations.