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I'm planning to work and live in Japan but I'm having a hard time preparing my documents for it. I'm in the Philippines right now and I'IIm really motivated to go to Japan because I love that country. So if anyone here that could help me. Kindly message or email me here [email protected]

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If you already have a job-offer the company can help you with all necessary documents.Keep in mind most Japanese company-owners demand their foreign workers have university-degree and preferable 5 years of working-experience in the field you would like to work in.I know your country have visited many times and have Filipina friends here in Japan but working for the Japanese they ain't the easiest people to work for ...discrimination is very high and part of daily life

Actually I'm planning to get my visa with the help of someone in Japan for a relative/friend visit but I don't have someone in Japan who could help me with. I only have a year and a half experience since I just graduated in college last 2013 and I've found a company in Tokyo where I could apply for which is related to my field of expertise but the problem is I must be in Japan in order for me apply for it.

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hi we can help you for applying your visa but if you can go to japan they can give you a working visa in your prospect company!!

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I want to eork & live in Japan with my son & daughtet.I wouuld like my children  to learn  education at Japan . I'm Engineer. I'm working
at by Project Engineer.
My construction Expetience 30 years.I can workhard  still Now.So.I hope that My family are
Live & work in Japan.

I want to contact to Kajima Co.,Ltd from Japan.
My good friend 's  name is Araka san. He worked
at Myanmar (Y.T.C)project.eith Kajima Co?Ltd(Japan) with me.

Hello Than Thsn Win,

Have you tried to google the company's name?