Visa path for remote work & study

Hi, I'm from the UK and considering a move to Japan for a year (and then see how it goes). I intend to continue working remotely for my UK company and also enroll in a Japanese language school there.

I have enough points to get through on the highly skilled worker visa but I can't find anywhere that tells me what is permitted, the only information is that it's better than other visas because it allows "various activities".

Is this visa a good route to look into further? As a temporary resident not importing my income I don't think I'll be paying Japanese income tax either, so I wonder if I even fall under the category of working in Japan. Maybe a student visa would be a better option?

I was thinking about going this route as well, but I couldn't find much information about visa options either. I would suggest you try going the student visa route, but make sure you have a guarantor or a lot of $$$$ saved up in your bank account.

Hi, I'm from France and I've been remote working in Tokyo for a year with a working holiday visa. This visa is only for one year so I thought about getting a highly skilled visa so stay in Japan, but I called the immigration and they told me it's actually a kind of working visa, meaning you need a company to sponsor you. If you don't work for a Japanese company, no chance of getting it.

If you go to a Japanese language school, pick the student visa (but it will be very expensive). If you just want to stay for a year, consider the working holiday visa, it's the easiest to get Don't say you'll be remote working on your application though, this visa is meant for tourism, and part time jobs to finance your holidays.

Thanks gdrtf!

I've checked with another visa advisement company and you're right, the highly skilled visa must be tied to a Japanese company so not appropriate for me.