Punishment in Japanese Public Schools

How do you discipline students when there is no after-school detention?  Scream at them?  Hit them? 

Corporal Punishment in Japanese Schools
Lately I've been reconsidering my position on corporal punishment in schools.  Last week one of my teachers let loose on one of the little bastards.  It made me so happy.  He got right in the little prick's face and screamed at him, and when the boy tried to act like it was all a big joke, he actually hit the kid.  This type of punishment is accepted – perhaps because there is no after school detention.

A few days later in my seventh grade class:

First I walked up to her desk calmly, picked up the little tower of erasers and other school supplies, glared at her icily, and dropped it on the floor.  I considered the matter settled and went to wrangle up some of the other children that were running around or otherwise disturbing the peace.  But apparently she was not impressed and when I turned back to the front of the class I saw that she had already begun to rebuild her tower of school supplies – I went to DEFCON 1.

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