English Business School in Japan

Hello, this is my first post here.

I'm a French student graduating a Master II this year (5th year) in Law. I want to live in Japan so badly.
I would like ,next fall/next January move to Japan and enroll in a business school next year and graduate a MBA.
My career plan is to work in the field of Risks Management.

I have studied six months in Denmark (Aarhus University) and I'm up to sign a three-months internship agreement with the UNO in Geneva.

It's pretty hard to find a business school which give full-English lectures. I study Japanese for one year and I'm making progress everyday :)

Does anyone can give me advice ? Do you know a reliable business school. As i want to take a MBA, it has to be top-ranking, otherwise, it has no value.

So far, I've find some business school that may be OK.
International University of Japan (IUJ) seems really interesting even if it's quite expense. $22730/ year (2-years degree) just for the diploma. Living costs + diploma would be $77300 for two years...

I intend to borrow money from my parents and set up a kind of loan.

Link to IUJ's MBA : gsim..iuj.ac.jp/content/en/node/10

Unfortunately, it's not in Tokyo but i can deal with that fact for another two years ;)

Any comments/advice ?


- Wim's

Hi Wim's and welcome to Expat.com.

Hopefully other local or expat members living in Japan will be able to advise you on this matter.

Do take care