Hello every one (help is welcome)

I am Amel from Algeria i am Théater writer and editor for an e magazine about théater , now im interssting about the Asian Theater and the Japanese for the moument and i want make a reseach about it mayb for my Master degree people adviced me to go and continue it there in Japan in a theater college it will be moor acadimic , but i dont have any idea bout life there and study too , beside i dont speack japanese and im afraid that will be a huge prob , so i need ur help guys , I want ur advice step by step and if i can learn Japanese in few monthes to continue my master there ?? how is the student life there?? can they have work beside college?? and how is the colleges prices ?????? im afraid all about that plz help

Hi Amel,

Welcome to Expat-Blog ;)

I suggest you post an advert in the Language classes in Japan please as it might help :)

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

thank u maximilien ^^

Good Luck Amel, I wish you the best

If is easier to come to Central Tokyo, maybe I can help you during my free time...

It may looks too difficult to step one first step but it won't be
like you think.
We, Japanese, are always eager to help others in quite way for not
expecting its return. so you will have helps from around.
Comment of member wfoulk2313 are correct.
And I could say it won't be too difficult to start speaking  Japanese when you have local friends.
Good luck