Request for Research Assistance

Hello to the forum, my name is Kristen Reinbold. I am a current undergraduate pursuing Linguistics and ESL at Millersville University, PA. Under the requirements of my Honors College program, I am currently attempting to form a senior honors thesis research project. The thesis is an examination of attitudes towards and growth of ESL/EFL in Japan, and the research is a combination of articles (editorials and other research papers) and a case study of a questionnaire.

The brief version of it is that I am in desperate need for some volunteers to fill out my six question survey so that I have some data to work with! The official cover letter and the questionnaire itself can both be found here at . Due to lack of replies, the questionnaire has been shortened to simple yes-or-no questions, so it shouldn't take more than a few minutes to fill out at most.

If any current or past teachers, especially high school or university level teachers, could assist me, I'd be extremely grateful. If there are any questions my email is [email protected] !

I suggest going to a site rich in teachers: (look for whichever country-specific forum you prefer and post there)