Learning japanese to enter in a music academy

I would like to talk about a project I would like to realize.
I'm actually living in Belgium, I'm 25 years old.
I'm actually working for an IT company in Luxembourg and my job will expire the 1st january. That means I will have some time to think about what I will do next.

Since I'm addicted to music playing for a while, I think it would be a great idea to continue this way.
I like japanese music pretty much and I would like to explore this country, discover the japanese culture, etc.

I have the capability to invest for a two year expat in Japan and I would like to try one year in a japanese academy : ESP music Academy (I've met some contacts in this school). I'm ready to get some work if I need to.

I actually can't speak or write japanese and I must meet the JPLT N1 or N2 to enter in a school.
That's why I will spend efforts in 1 year learning japanese.
Do you think this goal (JPLT N2) would be realizable in one year ?

What do you think about my global idea ?
That would be some sacrifices but a great experience, since I'm young.

I'm a Malaysian with native language of Chinese.
I also know English and Malay language.

In my opinion, it isn't impossible to master Japanese in one year provided that you're living in Japan and speaking only Japanese most of the time.
The harder part for JLPT certification is actually learning all the Kanjis.

If you have base knowledge of Kanji such as coming from Chinese background, you can definitely complete N1 in a year.
Assuming you're Belgian, you might find that it's hard when it comes to Kanji but immersion is all it takes to learn more Kanji.
With that said, if you're taking the Japanese course in Japan, it shouldn't be too hard to reach N2 within a year.

Good luck and have fun while studying Japanese. It's what keep you going.

Sorry, I feel it is not possible to get n1 level in 1 year.  N1 is almost fluent.  I am n3 level in 2 years Living in Japan and working for japanese company. Main language is japanese. Maybe full time japanese lessons would get me to n2 in 2 years. But still... Ganbatte ne!

I agree with you.
Actually I will not be going soon to Tokyo. I think I will go there in August or september.
That means I have 6  months to get a method learn japanese bases at home.
When I will go to Tokyo, I will spend 20h/week in a japanese school during 10 or 11 months.

My objective is the N2 level.

Her eare the informations about the requirements/conditions coming from the school :
The person also must meet the requirements written as below.

(1)Age: Over 18 years of age (as of April 1, 2015) Education: completion of 12 years of education at school (relevant to high school) or equivalent to this(2)Japanese language ability must not obstruct one's study, meeting on of the following requirements A, B, C, D, or B:

A.Holding N1 or N2 of the "Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)"
B.Scoring over 200 point in the "Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)"
C.Completing over 6 months of Japanese language education with good record and high attendance, at a Japanese language education facility that is designated by the Minister of Justice in a public notice
D.Scoring over 400 points in BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test
E.Completing over 1 year of education in the school prescribed in Article 1 of the School Education Act

For those who start leaning Japanese from now on
Japanese language schools designated by ESP
(1)[Tokyo] ISI Language School http://www.isi-education.com/(2)[Tokyo] Waseda College of Foreign Languages http://www.waseda-flc.ac.jp/course/japanese/(3)[Tokyo]JET Japanese language school http://www.jet.ac.jp/(4)[Tokyo] Kanrin Japanese language school http://www.kanrin.net/(5)[Osaka] Osaka YMCA International College http://www.osk-ymca-intl.ed.jp/(6)[Osaka] Osaka YMCA Gakuin http://www.osakaymca-jls.org/
*Scholarship can be granted for the schools above. Please contact us regarding the matter.

(3)Sufficient fund for tuition and living expenses is required.

Maybe yes, but still...

You could of course mainly focus on passing the test. That is a little bit a different focus than really speaking understanding Japanese.

I focussed on talking and listening. Not so much on reading. For the test reading is much more important, so quick start on learning kanji is usefull. This might give you a chance to pass the test.
I also heard from colleagues that many chinese pass the test mainly because they can read kanji.

Next to language school using the books Minna no nihongo,I use the app duolingo, a fun way to keep learning and work on my reading skills.
There is only japanese to english available at the moment, but it works just as well as the other way around.


I am Ai Lian from Malaysia but was living in France for past 8 years.

I think you are very brave and taking good action beyond your future.

I can't tell you if that is realizable for you but if you really take full course for the japanese language for a year, i think you will be ok to enter the school in Japan.

Or you can contact that school to ask what is the level of Japanese Language they will require from you.

I wish you a great success!!!

Bonne courage!