Monbukagakusho scholarship 2013 about applyed information

     I am Muhammad javed from Pakistan and living since 2 year in Japan now I want to study undergraduate in Japan unversity now I want to apply for scholarship for Japanese unversity can someone give information that how I can apply for monbukagakusho scholarship 2013 directly in Japan
            Muhammad javed

Hi Muhammad Javed,

For the undergraduate level Monbukagakusho scholarship, you have to apply at the Japanese Embassy in your home country, but only certain countries are eligible.

You'll have to check with the Embassy of Japan in Pakistan, but it looks as if Pakistan is not eligible for the undergrad level scholarships. In general, there are a lot more scholarship-based opportunities at the graduate level, so you may have better luck if you complete your undergrad first in your home country then apply to come to Japan as a Monbukagakusho scholar at the graduate level.

You can check out the Japanese government's website at studyjapan (dot) go (dot) jp, for general information, but you'll have to contact the Embassy of Japan in Pakistan for specific information. Good luck!

-Travis from TranSenz