Can i study in japan without learning Japaneese

I want to study in japan. Is it possible to study in Japan without learning Japanese? Is there anyone who can help me in this darkness?

You will probably asked to enroll to a 1 year program in Japanese language learning first prior to starting your university in Japan.

Thank you very much

i think how ever u can. to make flexibility of ur dailylife there in japan u need a means of communication. i.e language. actually japanese lang. is not very hard as we think. i am also nepal and want to study in japan  bachelor in civil engineering. i have learnt japanese lang since 3 months in my homecountry. it is very interesting and really strange experience for foreigners as for me. so.. friend ur soln is study japanese language is 1st option. :)

Okay. Thanks for your suggestion. I think i have to focus first on learning Japanese. Thank you very much buddy.

Yes, learn Japanese first, then only you will get admission in Japanese Universities.

I'm also learning Japanese since two months.