Couple wants to move in Japan

Hello !

I don't know if i am to the right place to post that BUT me (25y) and my girlfriend (34y) are facing a really big problem.

I'm in my first year of computer science study (i will study for 3 years and get a license) and my girlfriend isn't in any course for the moment.

We want to live in Japan, she already did 1 year of language school there and speaks a correct Japanese. She also already worked in Japan.

She doesn't have much time to go back there because of her age and the risk for her visa to be declined.

In our situation, we are maybe going to do a long distance relationship for 1 year, she will go to Japan at the end of my second year of studies but neither of us want that.

What can she develop here in our country that would be useful to her and which will allow her to expatriate at the same time as me ? I want to work there as a developer.

She should continue to study Japanese and pass the You should also improve your English writing skills and study Japanese.