I plan to go study in japan this summer and live there...

I live in Senegal and have been planning to move to Japan for 3 years, and now that I m finally ready to go, there s a tsunami and nuclear crisis...
should I listen to people who tell me I shouldn t go coz its risky
or should I follow my dream and go there in August?
Im sure all can t resolved by then; but the situation might be stable right? what should I do can you help me please? I must choose a college now...
thanks !

where are you going?

Osaka ^^

En la vida hay que correr riesgos, y si los sueños son tan grandes hasta la vida misma daria por hacerlos realidad:)

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Thanks for your kind comprehension ;)


I live and study in Kyoto which is not far from Osaka and it`s in the same region (Kansai Region). We are very far from Fukushima, so things are pretty normal here. Don`t worry about. Just start studying Japanese and enjoy your stay.

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how much will it cost to do mba in japan ,
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